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Thinking Brunch 2: Parenting in the Digital Age

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From negotiating screen time to protecting kids from cyber bullies and predators, the digital terrain has created a completely new set of challenges for parents.

Matt Lawrey (The Little Things) leads the journey through the quagmire with fellow travellers John Parsons (Keeping Your Children Safe Online), Steve Henry (education innovator at Otago Polytechnic), Anne Harvey (Sons to Men: A Mother's Guide) and Emily Writes (Is it Bedtime Yet? Parenting ... the Hilarious, the Hair-raising, the Heart-breaking).


John ParsonsJohn Parsons is an Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant who delivers cyber security training workshops to New Zealand Police, private sector, the health Sector and the education sector. He is the author Keeping Your Children Safe Online: A Guide for New Zealand Parents, a timely and empowering book that is essential reading for any modern parent. John works with individuals, young people and families who have become ensnared by predatory adults across digital networks, those who have been cyber abused, and children and youth who abuse others using online technologies. The purpose of this work is to deliver education that allows the child to re-engage with ICT and reduce the opportunity of harm occurring in the future.

Steve Henry Parenting in the Digital AgeSteve Henry is a father of two sons, 17 and 18 years old, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. Steve’s observed that his son finds it easier to develop connections with others in the digital world rather than face to face. He’s also witnessed how a Canadian homeschool used the minecraft game to build trust and offer leadership opportunities which were highly effective for kids who are socially challenged. Steve facilitates graduate level Leadership for Change programmes for Otago Polytechnic. He is based in Motueka. 

Anne Harvey Parenting in the Digital AgeAnne Harvey is the author of Sons to Men – A Mothers Guide. She was a business woman raising four boys when she realised the management skills she utilised in her business were readily applicable at home as her boisterous boys became tumultuous teenagers. Anne mentors mothers in the art of staying strong as a woman while they are being a parent because she has been there. She now works part time at NMIT in Nelson as engagement liaison and mentors mothers of sons. 

Emily Writes Parenting in the Digital AgeEmily Writes is a young mother of two small boys. Her first blog post about parenting went viral in March 2015, reaching more than one million people in a few days. Emily has been the parenting columnist for the New Zealand Herald and the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly and has also written for Metro magazine. She is currently editor of The Spinoff Parents. She also runs The Lighthouse events for mothers, and has a popular podcast called Dear Mamas. The author of two books  Rants in the Dark and Is it Bedtime Yet? – she lives in Wellington.


Matt Lawrey Parenting in the Digital AgeMatt Lawrey is one of life’s great enthusiasts. The Little Things is the latest project in a media career that has seen him work in print, radio and television. A father of two, Matt was lured to Nelson by a job offer he couldn’t refuse in 1998 and has been crazy about the place ever since. His passions include his family, politics, movies and Nelson.

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